Sunday, December 5, 2010

Indiana Cottesloe Beach

One of my favourite restaurants is Indiana's at Cottesloe beach Western Australia. Very popular with locals and tourist, the weather is just beautiful at the moment.. sun shining perfect for enjoying the magnificent sunsets at the beach.

The whole decor in the restaurant I love!!! Once in the restaurant you feel like you are floating on the ocean....I think a few visits over summer time will be a must!



  1. This looks amazing! and the thinking of warm weather .... here is freezing!! wish you a good week!

  2. gorgeous and beautiful...

    i am so JEALOUS!! at night.. it's in the low 20's over here... NOT COOL.. i need me some summer!!!

  3. It is amazing that we are having beautiful summer weather..where other parts of the world are very cold. We are all slipping in our bathes whilst others are laying on the clothes.

    However there is nothing like snow on Christmas day....only experienced it once and it was beautiful....

  4. Such a lovely spot. It is on my must do list every time I visit Perth.


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