Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your Home and Fashion

Make A Statement
I love the combination of good fashion accessories in the home and what you wear - they both need to make a statement.

We built our new home I am continually looking around to get the right look, although not realising this takes time....however I do believe its best to take time instead of several months down the track saying "what the??" - no really what was I thinking!

With fashion styles again its best to get the right look - sometimes I tend to shop for bits and pieces that don't seem to match. Until I went shopping in Singapore and they have all the accessories. We will be heading there again soon and I can not wait.
My fashion style is comfort and classy - very similar to my home style.



  1. LOvely selection of items! Decorating a new home is a hard task but sooo exciting! enjoy it!! kisses

  2. I love these inspirational posts :)

    Have a great day!

  3. love that couch.. and the top..
    and i love your style too!!

  4. oh thanks Randi:) I do love this selection.


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