Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Best Food In Singapore

Toast Box - one of the best breakfast experiences I have ever had. We had the Kaya Toast with coffee and tea - YUM. The coffee and tea was fantastic.

Next to Toast Box is BreadTalk they have different toppings and types of bread again a different experience. What I also liked was the price you could get a yummy snack for just $1.40.

The Toast Box and BreadTalk are located on Sentosa Island at Resort World. I do miss this place... and is on my "must eat at list" when next in Singapore.

The last photo is the famous Chilli Pepper Crab my husband had this and LOVED it:) When we lived in the Kimberley his favourite catch was mud crabs and he had a great he enjoyed tasting the flavours of the famous Singapore Chilli Pepper Crab.


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