Friday, July 22, 2011

Beijing the Beauty

Beijing - So much to do. One of the most spectacular shows I have ever seen. The Golden Mask Dynasty about an ancient romantic legend, the fragment of distant historical memory. The costumes and performance was amazing. I will never forget the monstrous floods - the water was flooding throughout the theatre - this can not be explained as you have to see it:)

Dim Sims may not take long to eat (especially if you are like me and love them) however making them is not that simple. This photo shows the production line of making Dim Sims.

Oh the view.....I love climbing stairs and you have to, if visiting China - especially to capture the beauty.

Beijing the Dragon.
As you can tell from my blog I had such a wonderful time in Beijing, full of memories and meeting the most wonderful people.

What I loved about the people I met was their genuine politeness, caring and eager to share their culture. There is nothing negative in their life... they just live it! I was inspired by 80 year old men and women who were climbing the China Wall (not the easy side the hard side). This has inspired me to keep fit, I want to climb the wall again and again including when I am 80!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to always be kind to those you love. Give and you will always receive.



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