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Size it Up by Karin Addams

Size it up

Size isn’t everything. Just because you have a small living space does not mean you can’t live large.

Try a few of these tips to help best utilize your limited space and make your room look – and feel -- bigger.

Color your room bigger. Just like in painting and make-up artistry, light colors make things appear bigger. Choose light-colored paint, like the color-reflective creams or light blues or a lighter variation of your favorite color, for your walls and furniture. If your furniture and walls are a similar color, they blend in together, creating the illusion of less furniture and more space. Even consider painting a portion of the ceiling – about around the edge. This can make the walls seem taller.

This rooms shows how cream-colored walls, minimal clutter on the floors and walls, good lighting and the right furniture can maximize the space in a small room. Photo by Flickr user rogue-designs.

Along these lines, make sure the room has good lighting.

If you want a pop of dark color, make it an accent pillow or picture. This can also add depth. But be careful that your color shifts aren’t too abrupt, or it can make the rooms look boxy. Your color should flow and stick to the same color family.

Add pops of color with funky pillows.

Photo by Flickr user cherrypatter.

Mirrors. Whether you choose a floor-length mirror or even just small accent mirrors, the reflection can make a space appear more spacious. Feeling adventurous? Consider hanging two mirrors on opposite walls, facing each other. This will double the depth and create an interesting optical illusion.

Photo by Flickr user ::coco Rina::

Draw the eye upward. Hang pictures, shelves and accents higher on the wall. Paint the mouldings white.

Recessed shelving can save space in cramped quarters.

Photo by Flickr user Lachlan Hardy.

Minimize furniture and clutter. Instead of an armoire, try recessed shelving. Instead of a floor lamp, hang a chandelier or light from the ceiling in the corner, so it’s out of the way.

Get as many things off the floor as possible. Maximize floor space by getting rid of end tables and coffee tables that you don’t actively use. Instead, opt for a cute fold-up table that you can pull out of the closet or from behind the couch, if needed. Push the big pieces of furniture against the wall so they don’t break up the room or interfere with the walkways.

Look for furniture with multiple purposes and storage. For example, instead of an open, free-standing entertainment system, choose one with storage underneath. Many furniture showrooms offer special sections for apartments and space-limited living. Glass-top tables maintain an airy, spacious feeling. So do couches and chairs with exposed legs and open arms.

Get rid of unnecessary decorations (including wall décor and pictures), books, trinkets and papers.

The top picture is the most important tricks in maximizing space is to have effective, space-saving storage. Photo by Flickr user rogue-designs. The 2nd photo shows a creative use of mirrors, a hanging light and a glass table. Photo by Flickr user rogue-designs.

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