Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ningaloo Resort Style

Ningaloo Novotel Resort adds luxury to those wanting to discover the beautiful beaches in Exmouth and Coral Bay. Some people are lovers of camping, caravanning and others still love the luxury. I would say I love the mix.

Entrance statement to the resort.
The pool area is overlooking the ocean. There is a path to the beach for guests - best of both worlds beach and pool (with a bar).
I took this photo as I love the fishes art piece on the bar wall and love the bar design. Especially as we are in the process of creating our bar design - love getting ideas.
I love this table.
The huge sting ray in the restaurant. As you see a lot of baby sting rays swimming next to you in Coral Bay.
When travelling there is one thing that is must when I stay somewhere nice toilets. At home I add nice soaps, fresh flowers and colourful pictures - it really is another room in the house therefore it needs to look amazing.

What is your "must have" when staying at a resort?



  1. Amazing! I love this place :) My must haves are pretty minimal, sometimes I like to go backpacking :)

  2. There are sooo many backpackers that visit coral bay area and the facilities for backpackers now is amazing! Thanks for visiting:)

  3. My must haves in any hotel room is no pine laminate! This place looks lovely, I also love the table.

  4. Would have to agree with you here I love crisp and clean designs.

  5. This hotel looks like such a relaxing place to stay. I wish I could be on holidays now. A must have for me is a comfortable bed. Its hard to actually book a place that tells you about the comfort of the bed. But I love it when I get it right and the bed is relaxing and comfortable.

  6. What a great idea, I agree not many places do tell you about the comfort of the bed as some places I have stayed at I drift off straight away and others I feel I am on my swag.

  7. Hey Michelle - gorgeous pics! Thanks for stopping by Mom's Guide to Travel. Ok, so now I'm gonna be obsessed with going to Australia! Love it.

  8. Este Hotel esta totalmente integrado al paisaje¡¡¡

  9. that table is a real scene stealer! beautiful.


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