Monday, January 31, 2011

Introducing Girl in Oslo


Why did you start your blog and what inspired you?

My blog started in March 2009. It started as a very little project but has changed, and grown a lot over time. From being just a little blog that was all over the place! I used to post about everything that was interesting...without any real plan.

It now has three main focuses: - Book reviews from authors...that contact me per mail/plus the books I read myself...- Music reviews, and my own photos from Oslo.- It is supposed to be a guide to Oslo...with a bit of a twist...Thats my business idea, and one day I will make money from it...

Why do I concentrate on these four things.. you may ask? The reason is that I truly believe the way to success is doing something you are REALLY good at. And these four things have always been a hobby on a small/large scale through my life.

As my followers/hits have increased I have become more and more concerned about quality posts/layout. Thats why this weekend I asked a friend for some advice on the an honest opinion, and from there changed everything.

Now here comes the personal reason why I blog...ready for it???? ITS FUN!:) haha :)

And I have found something that I am really good at, and the world of New Social Media is such an interesting world to me..You can build your entire business online using free marketing tools...The online world is so full of new ways to make money...that we have only seen top of the iceberg...And women are in the forefront!

The Girl in Oslo.

Thank you to Girl in Oslo.



  1. Good post, I wanna meet the girl in Oslo.



    [Barcelona Daily Photo]

  2. Hi girl and man:)
    I want to meet you as well...

    Thanks for this I REALLY appreciate it:)

    I will post it one my blog as well, and link back:)

    Have a great day.

  3. hi what a great idea introducing new bloggers! thanks!!!

  4. Having focus is always a good thing. Good luck!

  5. I also love this post as I can relate to it. I love hearing story from other bloggers.


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