Thursday, January 13, 2011

Floods in Australia

Floods in Australia - As you all know we went for holidays north of Western Australia, however a few days before we left the roads were closed to our destination due to floods in Carnarvon.

Carnarvon is one of our farming towns. As we drove through we saw mango and banana trees completely destroyed and many houses having to be gutted out. The photos below show how much water was still flowing in the river as we drove through - you can see how high it was from the railing at the bottom of the photo. As we drove through Caranavon there were a few detours as some parts of the road to Coral Bay were damaged.

Parts of the road were open however still lots of water on the roads.

Queensland Floods
When we returned home I went to our local bakery and picked up some fresh rolls; the owner had mentioned about the floods in Toowoomba - as we did not watch TV on holidays I had no idea about the devastation happening there.

One of our Cities Brisbane Queensland (over the other side of Australia) has experienced the worst floods in history. I have been watching the flootage on TV and can not believe how fast that water is rushing through Brisbane and surrounding towns.

Queenslanders are the most community spirited people I have met. When I worked at QANTAS I remember how friendly Queenslanders were - always made you laugh. So it just breaks my heart to see them going through this.

My heart and prayers to Queensland Community and we are making our donations to assist.

Our government had mentioned that a number of countries have stepped in to help out and as one mentioned "Australia you are always helping others its our turn to help you" this is just warming and shows the generosity of people all over the world.

Queensland Floods photos


  1. It is so hard to watch and know that people are scared, displaced and suffering tremendously! Good for you, heart of gold! :)

  2. I was listening to someone who stayed on their 2nd story yesterday on NPR and how they were carted away on dingy's to safety. It's unreal!

  3. The floods are horrible! Queensland is my home state, and lots of my friends and family are out there. Fortunately none of their homes were seriously damaged, just minor repairs are needed, but my heart goes out to all those effected.

  4. I live in the U.S. & we've been watching reports on the news about the floods there. Our hearts & prayers go out to you.

    Warmly, Michelle

  5. It is an amazing story...I love Queensland so much and just can not believe it!

  6. Thanks for the up-close report.


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