Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Majestic Coastline of Western Australia

We have the most beautiful coastlines in Western Australia; and as my family love to explore we took the kids to Coral Bay and visited a number of beaches around the area.

Our trusty Toyota Prado takes us everywhere this car is AMAZING to travel in. We have travelled many many kilometres in this car from the rugged Kimberley region to amazing coastlines (that only can be accessed by 4WD). It has never let us down and what I love about the look of our car is you can tell it gets used for its purpose of 4WDing.

Coral Bay Marina
Coral Bay Beach
As you can see it goes for miles. The fish swim right next to you...you don't even need to get on the boat and travel away from the coastline to see the beautiful sea creatures.

You will see more photos at my ETSY shop.

Also keep an eye on this blog as I will bring to you Margaret River Wines on my Wine adventure and I will have my first competition, therefore some lucky person will get to Have a Taste of Margaret River. Even Oprah will be jealous as it is one place she did not get to see on her trip.


  1. wow such amazing sceneries! I definitely have to visit Australia some day!!!!LOVELY PICTURES

  2. Well you know you have your own personal guide!!!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    i love love your photos. i spent the summer of 2000 in Perth. i loved every minute of it. so much so that i gained 15 pounds while there! and we went to a beach close to perth for a weekend but i cannot remember the name of it. we stayed in the cutest little cabins. ahhhh sweet memories! i will totally be visiting your blog and shop often:))

  4. thanks Melissa - you will be amazed with the changes now:)

  5. those are seriously beautiful photos...of a beuatiful place.

  6. oh goodness..
    i've always wanted to visit Australia... but now, i want to even more!
    ... one day, maybe!!

  7. amazing location! lovely greetings


  8. Beautiful. Totally the opposite of where I live (snow and concrete.)


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